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We give children a unique opportunity to expand their creative imagination to design and create their own pieces art, fashion and accessories by up cycling unwanted objects in a fun and friendly environment.

We strive to keep all our activities fun, engaging and deliver a real sense of achievement for every child. All children develop useful practical skills, in a positive environment, that will enrich their lives and provide skills they will never forget – whilst having a great time!

Creative Ellaments Services

– Online creative projects

– Holiday & Weekend Workshops

– Fashion Shows

– Community projects/ school projects

-After School Fashion Clubs – (Creative Eco & Sustainable Fashion)

-Fashion / Arts & Crafts

-Creative birthday Parties

Eco Friendly Art

kS1 & 2 After school project

Explore the many ways that things you could throw away can become imaginitive art pieces.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion

Ever wondered what you can do with that old shirt, other then throw it away. Check out how create sustainable fashionable garment.

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